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High-quality grade-D (long-flame) coal with lowest combustion heat of 5200 – 5500 kcal/kg, humidity of 14-16,4%, sulfur content – 0,35-0,42% and volatile-matter content – 40,4% is extracted at the ”Karakansky-Zapadny” surface mining site.

Ash content of extracted Karakansky coal is not exceeding 8,7-10,2% which is one of the lowest ash content index in Kuzbass (Kuznetsk Basin). Due to low ash content index, Karakansky coal may be supplied to customers without enriching, which is especially important for electrical stations of South-east Asia that have limited territory intended for bottom ash waste. Another unique characteristic of coal extracted at SJCS “Belovskaya Mine” is high ash fusion temperature – 1350 degrees, which provides opportunity to avoid usage of expensive cleaning systems and procedures on combustion equipment and boilers. Considering this we can state that usage of coal extracted at CJSC “Belovskaya Mine” cuts customer’s expenses for maintenance of generating capacities.

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