The KARAKAN INVEST LLC Group of companies is pursuing an all-round approach in its social responsibility policy. Hence, the Company has been participating actively in social life and supporting the Kemerovo Region. For instance, Agreements on social and economic cooperation with the Kemerovo Region and the Belovo District have been concluded every year since 2010. They provide for activities in improving the living standards in the region.

The Company has received letters of gratitude from Aman Tuleyev, the Governor of the Kemerovo Region, for promoting social actions.

Within the framework of implementing the Agreements on social and economic cooperation with the Administrations of the Kemerovo Region and the Belovo District, in 2010-2017, the KARAKAN INVEST Group of Companies financed events to 496 mln. rubles. Funds were donated to support local orphaned children, build public facilities, repair public motor roads, supply free-of-charge coal to the poor, organize festivity events, and for charity.
Within the framework of the Agreement on social and economic cooperation in 2018, concluded between Chernov V.N., First Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo Region, and Yevtenko A.M., General Director of LLC KARAKAN INVEST, approximately 41 mln. rubles will be allocated for funding regional social programs. In addition, the Group of Companies has undertook an obligation to raise the average monthly wages of their employees. Besides, in 2013, the Company will provide 1,000 tons of charitable coal to the poor in the region and deliver 108,000 tons of coal for public utility needs in the Kemerovo Region.
In 2013, the KARAKAN INVEST Group of Companies, in cooperation with other coal-mining enterprises in Kuzbass, signed an Agreement with the Collegiate Body of the Kemerovo Region.
Administration «On contributing to financing the repair of sections of public roads in the Belovo District». Under this Agreement, the Company will take part in road repair each year. Besides, the Group of Companies has been developing the network of own production motor roads and crossroads to reduce jams on public roads.

In total, during 2013-2017, the KARAKAN INVEST Group of Companies allocated 201.5 mln. rubles for road repair:

  • In all, during 4 years, road pavement cambers were levelled over an area of 70,800 m²; 67,200 m² of new asphalt-concrete road coating were paved; three bypass motor roads were built with arrangement of crossings over the rivers Blizhniy Kuldos, Pravaya Salairka and Talda. Motor-road repair scheme
  • In 2014, about 10.1 mln. rubles were allocated for the construction of a coal haulage road from the coal depot of CJSC Belovskaya Mine to the Belovo-Konovalovo-Prokopievsk 2.7-km long road.
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In 2018, within the framework of the Agreement with the Administration of the Kemerovo Region, the Group of Companies will continue repair work on the Belovo-Konovalovo-Prokopievsk motor road (on the 11-32 kilometers section). Under the Agreement on social partnership with the Administration of the Belovo municipal district, 5 mln. rubles will be allocated in 2018 for repair work on the Babanakovo-Novyi Gorodok motor road.

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