Production (KCEC)
Scheme KCEC
Once the open-cut minе and the mine reach expected designed horse-power, coal production will reach 7 million tons.
Coal conversion complex
The major part of mined coal shall be transported to the screening-and-crushing complex provided with equipment allowing to size coal according to a sales plan.
Once the screening-and-crushing complex is put into operation, KCEC will be capable of conversion up to 8 million tons of coal.
2018-2023. Construction of a cable-belt conveyor for transportation of unsized coal.
Integration of the innovated coal conversion complex
into Karakan Coal and Energy Cluster
Transport complex
The project «Construction of non-public railroad lines of CJSC “Belovskaya Mine” with connection to the site Belovo-Bochaty near roadside stop “Ulus” of the “West Siberian Railway” has been carried out since 2012.
According to technical specifications issued by OJSC «Russian Railways», CJSC «Belovskaya Mine» will be capable of ship coal products directly to customers in amount of up 9 million tons per year, and up to 15 million tons per year in the future.
envisages construction
of railroad for pickup
of railroad haul from the loading station of CJSC “Belovskaya Mine” to the roadside stop “Ulus”.
switches and two overpasses (15 m and 75 m)
Construction of the interstation “Ulus” at the 247-249th km of the haul Belovo-Bochaty
Contract for technological connection of non-public lines to the public infrastructure between CJSC «Belovskaya Mine» and OJSC «Russian Railways» dated 29.12.2012. Works completion date – 01.01.2015.
Construction of non-public lines and the station “Uglepogruzochnaya”
Development of Design and estimate documentation, “Project” stage. A positive Conclusion of the State Expertise received on 23.04.2013.
Electrical and technology complex
KCEC power supply
There are ways to get electrical power from external sources:
  • to build a modular coal mini-TPP
  • to build a station running on co-produced methane
Ballast quarry
In 2010 CJSC «Belovskaya Mine» obtained a license КЕМ 42094 ТЭ for mining of ragstone (basalt) at the Eastern site of the Karakansky-2 deposit.
Reserves of basalt (ragstone) in the limits of the license КЕМ 42094 ТЭ constitute:
by category C1
k m3
3 042
by category C2
k m3
overburden ratio
1 147 k m3
overburden volume within the technical
limits of the quarry
3 266 k m3
balance reserves within the limits of the license
    200 k m3 
the height of ballast quarry
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