To meet strict requirements of industrial safety we:
For each staff member we provide:
According to Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation № 536 dated June 26, 2013, the company publishes on its website a "Statement on CJSC "Belovskaya Mine" in part of industrial safety policy".

Corporate Social Responsibility
“KARAKAN IVEST” is a major taxpayer and an advantageous employer
500 jobs have been created since 2010
We highly appreciate our employees and we offer the following advantages to each member of our team:
Competitive wage
Social package + Corporate health insurance programm
Monetary rewards and compensations
Organization of children’s vacations
Annual vacation arrangement program for employees of the Group of Companies “KARAKAN INVEST” and their children will continue in 2014. It is planned to allocate
3 464 000 rubles
In 2014 changes in the structure of social expenses shall be made in order to provide better social support for corporate employees, including:
Ecological Responsibility
Water Conservancy
Discharge Control
The KCEC has operating air permit (№ 2/atmBELR dated 04.02.2013)
Air quality in the affected area meets requirements of HS and HS
No emiting source
Control improvement:
Moistening of roads
Moistening of zones with dust deposits
Water stemming of boreholes
Improvement of Sanitation Conditions and other improvements
The KCEC has Hygiene Certificate №Т.000354.05.14 dated 26.05.2014
Disposal and neutralization of waste is carried out in compliance with Sanitary Regulations and Standards
Waste generation norms and limits of waste disposal are defined by the permit № 3/othBEL dated 15.03.2013.
800 000 rubles
were spent
for ecological
For gardening we put:
1 300
flower crops
1 377
trees and shrubs
1 100
trees and shrubs have been planted
in on the territory of Belovsky district.

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