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The two-day international conference dubbed «Harmonization of approaches in the assessment of mineral reserves and resources» kicked off at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) on May 30.

The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Russian Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, Energy Ministry and MGIMO University organize the conference. LLC Karakan Invest is the general partner of the event. The conference is expected to gather over 300 Russian and foreign participants from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Nowadays the coal industry's regulatory framework faces two main problems, namely, duplication in assessment of raw-materials companies' reserves due to existence of state and financial institutions systems and duplication in approval of project documentation and technical projects on extraction and processing of minerals, Russian Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky said as part of his speech at the plenary session devoted to the main challenges of the investment potential of subsoil use. According to Yanovsky, the interaction between authorities and business representatives, national and international companies during the conference will contribute to the settlement of the above-mentioned issues and development of investment potential of the extractive industries.

MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov welcomed the participants of the conference and stressed that it became possible for the university to host the event due to the evolution of the Russian education and science over the past decades. "The evolution is, above all, characterized by interdisciplinarity, [namely] not only respective industries' geologists and technologists but also economists, who consider the desirability of work at a field are involved in the assessment of mineral reserves and resources."

According to Torkunov, the coal business representatives, headed by Chairman of Karakan Invest's Board of Directors Georgy Krasnyansky, played a pioneering role in holding the conference and, what is more, they initiated intra-university interdiciplinarity shift toward closer cooperation with technical and mining universities. Over the past 18 months MGIMO and NUST MISIS have launched two joint educational programs, namely, MBA and master's programs on strategic management of international mineral resources companies, Torkunov noted.

Besides, Russian Federal Agency for the Subsoil Use (Rosnedra) Deputy Head Orest Kasparov, UNECE Economics Affairs Officer Tulsidas Harikrishnan, FBO GKZ General Director and First Vice-Chair of UNECE EGRC Igor Shpurov, "Vygon Consulting" LLP Managing Director Grigory Vygon, FBO GKZ Chief Geologist Alexander Lazarev and UNECE Regional Advisor on Energy Victor Badaker delivered their speeches at the plenary session.

The two-day conference is set to comprise a range of roundtables devoted to harmonizing Asian states' national classifications on both regional and global levels, aligning the Russian classifications of reserves and resources with the UNFC, PRMS, CRIRSCO, creating the Institute of national audit in Russia and partner countries, etc.


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