The Palace of Nations in Geneva is set to house the UN expert group’s ninth session on resource qualification on April 24-27.

April 25, the group discussed the Committee on sustainable energy, namely, its activity and development, the role of United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) in social, economic and technological development with regard to the mineral resources, issues of development, management and application of the UNFC, etc.

Georgy Krasnyansky, the International Energy Policy and Diplomacy Institute’s (MIEP MGIMO) Department of World Resource Markets head and the chairman of the Board of Directors of LCC Karakan Invest, presented to the meeting the information on the international conference dubbed “Harmonization of approaches to evaluation of mineral reserves and resources.” Krasnyansky specified that the conference was set to take place at MGIMO University on May 30-31 and invited the experts to take part in it. The conference is aimed at determining the UNFC application potential for drawing investments to fund sustainable subsoil use and state planning.

The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Russian Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, Energy Ministry and MGIMO University organize the conference, which will comprise a plenary session and a range of round tables.

The main reports will be presented by David Macdonald, the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification chair, Igor Shpurov, the General Director of the Russian State Committee on Mineral Reserves and First Vice Chair of the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification, Alexander Shpilman, the Director of Research and Analytical Centre for the Rational Use of the Subsoil, member of the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Rais Khisamov, member of the Board of Directors, Deputy General Director – Chief Geologist of PJSC TATNEFT.

The experts from Russian Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, Energy Ministry, State Reserves Committee, consulting and financial organizations as well as mining companies will also present their reports at the international conference.

The conference will gather over 200 participants, including the representatives from the UNECE member-states, mining companies, consulting companies, expert communities (Eurasian Union of Experts on Subsoil (EUES), European Federation of Geologists (EFG), etc), Russian and international financial organizations, stock exchanges, commercial banks, scientific community and civil society organizations.

Participation in the conference is free, foreign participants might be provided with visa support. For more information about the conference and registration, please, visit the website of the National Association for Subsoil Examination (NAEN).


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